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FP6 European Program
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Project overview

MASMICRO Project is an EU FP6 Integrated Project, Starting from 1st July 2004. Project duration is four years.

The overall objective of the project is to develop an integrated solution for European miniature/micro-manufacturing industries - an integrated manufacturing facility for mass-manufacture of miniature/micro-products, and a technology transfer/training package for transferring the knowledge to and developing skills in industries. A multi-discipline (horizontally) and integration (vertically) approach is used for the implementation of the project. Research is being conducted to resolve individual fundamental and technological issues concerning the mass-manufacture of miniature/micro-products, with view to achieving several breakthroughs; demonstration of the mass-manufacturing facility to be developed will be subjected to validation trials and production applications; knowledge and technologies generated will directly be transferred to the targeted groups, through demonstration, training and SME take-ups programmes.

The proposed development will have impact on European economy, reflected by the reduction of manufacturing costs, increase of employment, and improved sustainable competitiveness. The development will also impact on quality of life, health, environment, safety, training and education.

MASMICRO consortium is comprised of 36 partners who provide expertise respectively in ten disciplines - Design, Materials, Mechanics, Processing Technologies, Tool/Machine Fabrication, Manufacturing Automation, Metrology, Software Development, Dissemination/Exploitation, and Project Management.

The project is managed by an experienced team with several boards being involved in decision-making - Project Co-ordination Board, Project Technical Board, Project Exploitation Board, Project Training Board and Project Advisory Board.

The project was proposed with reference to the call "FP62002-NMP-1" - "Nano-technologies and nano-sciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials, and new production processes and devices". The primary objective of this thematic area is to promote real breakthroughs, based on scientific and technical excellence. In the area "New Production Processes and Devices", the call gives emphasis on the following:

  • New production concepts, supporting new products, processes and services;
  • Industrial systems of the future (cost-effective, high quality, fault-tolerant, eco-friendly and more flexible manufacturing systems);
  • Transformation of the European industry towards a more knowledge-based and added value industry;
  • Improved competitiveness and sustainability.

MASMICRO addresses all four aspects of the objectives.

Project Structure and Components

The overall structure of the project is shown in the following diagram. The project contains components of Research and Technology Development, Innovation, Demonstration, Training and Management, which are planned as various activities. Each RTD activity is, technically, treated as a subproject which is co-ordinated by a Subproject Co-ordinator.

European Dimension / Participant List / Type of Organisation

The MASMICRO Consortium is comprised of the partners from 13 EU countries, which shows the European dimension of the project. The proposed research and development will significant impact on, not only those participating in the project, but also those who are engaged with the members of the consortium, in various business, across all these countries.

  Partner Distribution
Representing Country IT DE UK IRL ES GR FR DK AT SE BE CH CZ
Number of Partners 2 7 8 3 4 2 1 3 2 1 1 1 1

The partners are listed in the following :

Participant Role Participant Number Participant Name Participant Short Name Country
CO 1 University of Strathclyde STR UK
CR 2 Abbott Vascular Devices ABV IRL
CR 3 Asociacion de la industria navarra AIN ES
CR 4 BPE International BPE DE
CR 5 Contour Fine Tooling Ltd CFT UK
CR 6 CEDRAT Technologies S.A. CED FR
CR 7 Gammastamp SpA GAM IT
CR 8 Latronics GmbH LAT DE
CR 9 Leister Technologies GmbH LEI DE
CR 10 Loadpoint Ltd. LOA UK
CR 11 MASMEC s.r.l. MAS IT
CR 12 Noliac A/S NOL DK
CR 13 Pinol A/S PIN DK
CR 14 Robotnik Automation, SLL ROB ES
CR 15 Camsol Ltd SOL IRL
CR 16 Specification Through Component SPE BE
CR 17 Pascoe Engineering Limited PAS UK
CR 18 Comtes FHT s.r.o. COM CZ
CR 19 Carinthian Tech Research AG CTR AT
CR 20 Swiss Federal Laboratory for Materials Testing and Research EMP CH
CR 21 IFP Research AB IFP SE
CR 22 - 23 - 24 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (ILT, IPA and IPK) ILT, IPA and IPK DE
CR 25 Institute for Product Development IPU DK
CR 26 University College Cork - National University of Ireland, Cork. NMR IRL
CR 27 Fundacion Tekniker TEK ES TEK ES
CR 28 Upper Austrian Research GmbH UAR AT
CR 29 Fachhochschule Koeln ASC DE
CR 30 University of Birmingham BIM UK
CR 31 Leeds Metropolitan University LMU UK
CR 32 University of Patras PAT GR
CR 33 Universidad Politécnica de Valencia UPV ES
CR 34 Tecan Limited TEC UK
CR 36 National Metal Technology Centre NMT UK

The type of the organisation is shown the following table:

  Type of the Organisation of the Consortium
Total Number of Partners Industry Research Institution High Education Others Number of SME's Number of Represented Countries
36 17 11 6 2 17 13

Please obtain the contact of each partner from the section "Partners" of this site.


Metal Forming 2006 (2006/09/11)
Meet Noliac in California (2006/01/21)

2004 Masmicro Mass-Manufacture of Miniature/Micro Products
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