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Working Group NanoManufacturing

  • The Working Group NanoManufacturing was established in May 2005, with the contribution of the European Commission, acting as a platform to exchange knowledge and information between research institutions, universities, industry companies and networks.
  • The main objective of the Working Group NanoManufacturing is the coordination of the European nanotechnology community connecting with the European equipment community, concentrating on the Manufacturing of nanotechnology and combining the results of research and newly acquired knowledge from all nano-oriented groups with the skills of the equipment sehgment.
  • Please support the activities of the Working Group NanoManufacturing by visiting www.nanomanufacturing.eu and fill in the online questionnaire. Many thanks !

COmmunity Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS

Sixth Framework Programme - FP6

A Network for Market Oriented - EUREKA

4M Network of Excellence in Multi-Material Micro Manufacture.


Metal Forming 2006 (2006/09/11)
ICMR2006 Special Session on “Micro-Manufacturing” (2006/09/05)
NAoMITEC brokerage event in Helsinki (2006/05/17)
Micro-EDM for tool-making. (2006/05/16)

2004 Masmicro Mass-Manufacture of Miniature/Micro Products
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